Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Idea, Old School Looks, Modern Performance...

Have you seen the Kyosho Ultima DB? Well if not, take a look at it.

I'm into old school buggies, and buggies with cages I think are really cool in particular. If you are old enough or informed enough about vintage RC to be familiar with the original Kyosho Ultima, then this is somewhat of a throwback to the Ultima's roots.

Well, it's somewhat of a throwback. I speculate that for stability reasons, Kyosho chose to use the Ultima RT5 (truck) to base the DB on, so it is overly wide. They also used the short course tire/wheel combo, I;m guessing for some sort of scale appeal. While a cool vehicle, it is not my favorite as it stands. 


Picture this now. How about a TRUE buggy with this body and cage. I'm thinking it would really improve this car to make some changes. What do you think of putting the RB5 suspension, and shorter chassis on this. How about some Buggy wheels and tires. Any current 12mm hex buggy wheel would work. I honestly think that THAT would be truely modernized Ultima. It would look SO much better. It would have vintage, retro buggy appearance (not the modern spaceship buggy look), and performance to match the B4s, XXXs, and other race cars on the track. What's not to love about that?

SIDE NOTE: I came up with this idea while thinking of putting the DB cage on my Ultima Pro, which I may still do. The cage and bumper pieces are only $27. I just wish that Kyosho didn't charge $50 for the body. Bummer. Maybe a reproduction of another older body could be cut around the cage instead....



  1. I believe the Ultima Dessert Buggy is based on the Ultima SC. Simply changing the body mounts/body is all you really need to do switch back and forth between buggy & SC. I'm not a big fan of realistic looking buggies, but the UDB looks really cool. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Tim. Yeah, the DB is based on the SC, and that's the issue for me. The long chassis, wide suspension, and SC wheels and tires just make it look goofy. I think that the body and cage on an RB5 with some multi-holed or multi spoked wheels would be really cool. Unfortunately, that body is over priced AND I don't even have an RB5 to put it on. :(

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